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Robert is a seasoned legal strategist who advises leading businesses on their most complex and high-stakes matters. Whether clients need lead trial counsel in a class action or multidistrict litigation or want to minimize litigation exposure, they turn to Robert when their business is on the line.

The Eastern District of Virginia has long been one of the country’s most active venues for patent litigation, primarily because of its speedy docket.  A few years ago, Robert Angle and I wrote an article, found here, that takes a deep dive into why patent litigants file suit in the EDVA and how parties can navigate the many pitfalls and traps created by the rapid EDVA civil case schedule and the EDVA-specific patent case management practices.

The Eastern District of Virginia has been the fastest federal district court in the country for the last 50 years.  Before March 2020, the median time to trial for civil cases in the EDVA was a full year faster than the national median. The pandemic, however, slowed the pace of civil cases in the EDVA considerably, with the district falling to 10th fastest among the 94 federal district courts.